Being responsible for your fleet of vehicles and  mobile equipment and more importantly your drivers and operators is a monumental task.  Let Global Trax One  help you improve your employees’ safety and operational performance using the latest in vehicle camera technology.

  • Rear View Cameras – The Rear View Monitoring System includes a rear mounted camera and one in cab display mounted on the dash board giving the driver a clear view of the path while in reverse or in a parked position. We offer infrared technology for night vision.
  • Blind Spot Monitoring – The Blind Spot Monitoring System includes two fish eye cameras on either side of the vehicle and one in cab display mounted on the driver’s dash board giving the driver a clear view of any obstacles on the driver and passengers sides of the vehicle.
  • DVR Driver Monitors – Help keep your driver’s stay focused on safe equipment operations with our DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Driver Monitor. The system gives you two views:  what the driver sees on the road but also what the driver is doing inside the vehicle.  Are your driver’s texting or looking at their phones? Is your equipment being damaged and no one is accountable?  Use the videos for safety training and accident prevention.  The daily videos (up to 50 hours) are saved to removable SD (Secure Digital) card from the camera or can be viewed from software on your computer.