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Global Trax-One has a long history in construction and manufacturing. We understand the needs of your industry, and what processes work well, and which ones don't. We have created products to increase the performance of youf fleet and operation in terms of safety, cost, productivity, customer and employees satisfaction. Global Trax-One products provide an integrated solution for tracking and managing your fleet, increasing the safety of your employees and securing your companies assets. All of our asset management, safety and security products can all be used individually or integrated as a complete package. With Trax-One, your success is always On-Track! Call us today and ask for a this simple.





You are no longer limited to the “one size fits all” solutions which ignore most critical concerns and needs in the construction industry. 30 years of experience in the ready-mix industry has given us a the privileged knowledge & expertise for developing the best in class system, and once we had it ready, we gave it a twist: We made it easy and simple to use.

  • Global Trax-One Asset Management

  • Next Gen Technology

  • Global Trax-One Safety

    Product Features

    Global Safety gives fleet managers an important tool for increasing safety and operational performance. Audible, visual and physical alerts notify drivers of dangerous road conditions allowing for quick correctiive action. Our goal is to increase your total vehicle miles without an accide...

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  • Global Trax-One Asset Management


    For fleet managers interested in increasing operational performance, Global Trax-One Asset Management systems provide a variety of integrated products to optimize tracking, DOT compliance, work orders and reporting. Global Trax-One products ...

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  • Global TranSecurity Systems

    Increase Security, Deter Theft

    Although nothing can replace individual awareness and vigiliance, secuity can be greatly increased through the use of video cameras. A video surveillance unit deters and records unwanted activities. At Global Trax-One, we want to offer a solution t...

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